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List of Ingredients Important in Indian Cooking

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    List of Ingredients Important in Indian Cooking

    Cooking is all about carefully putting some key ingredients together. To master the art of Indian cooking, the following is the list of a few important spices that are mandatory in every cuisine of Indian culinary tradition. For traditional and authentic cuisines, just visit our Indian Restaurant in Wollongong

    If you are a chef and working in an Indian restaurant, then print the name of the following listed ingredients and paste them on the wall of your kitchen to achieve perfection in your indian cooking. Thinking about cooking any classic Indian dish. Then start by adding a few seasoned veggies and your favourite source of protein, i.e., cheese or chicken. In a matter of minutes, the best smell will spread around your house, coming from the neighbourhood. 


    Everyone is familiar with cloves, which are the most common spice and are found easily in any kitchen household. It makes the curry smell stronger and more aromatic. Sometimes infusion creates a sweet punch with savoury taste. 

    Every chef of Indian Food in Wollongong uses this ingredient for fragrance & taste in their dishes. 


    Lentils have been a part of the human diet for many years. It is believed that we ate lentils before we were introduced to the concept of bowls (Before the Neolithic Period). They are an excellent source of protein and high fibre. They also taste good and are packed with nutrients. 


    Fenugreek is not only popular in indian but it is a dominating taste in many asian countries including Afghanistan, Nepal , Pakistan, Bhutan, and more. Some other countries like France, Turkey and Greece also have a major contribution of it in their delicacies. 

    Coriander Seeds

    It adds pungency in the cuisine and a bit of spiciness along with some bitterness. Which balances the taste of spicy indian cuisines. Excellent smell and saturated taste, important to be precise while utilising it in cuisine. 


    Chickpeas, like fenugreek, are also popular and are used in many nations’ cuisines. It is rich in protein, high fibre, nutrient-dense and folate, along with an excellent source of iron. Keeps the taste in vegetarian dishes, adds bulk in the manner of more veg delights. 

    It provides unmatched creaminess if cooked to the right temperature. If you want to eat some vegetarian delectable delights prepared with chickpeas, then visit today at our Indian Food in Wollongong. 


    Garlic is an essential component in making savoury cuisines. No matter which kind of cuisine you are cooking, it can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But garlic or a paste of garlic is an essential ingredient. 


    Onions are as important as the garlic. It is fried, tossed in curies and used in making pakoras. And sometimes eaten raw with some juicy spicy indian delights. 


    Saffron is considered as the premium spice, grown in the valley of Kashmir, Use of saffron in cuisines not only enhances the flavour but also signifies the rich status of a person. It comes with numerous health benefits. 
    Want to savour the unbeatable taste of indian cuisine prepared with aromatic and fresh spics, then visit today at Crown Indian Cuisine, the best Indian Restaurant in Wollongong.