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Which food emojis should be there in the emoji chart to be used in captions?

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    The incorporation of emojis in the captions and even the direct messages have been in the trend since the last decade. But sometimes, it does happen with all, that we don’t have the right emojis to describe a particular emotion. Every so often, this irritates us as we are not able to convey our emotions with the emoticons. But nowadays more than anything else, people are interested in incorporating traditional Indian food items in the emoji set. Whenever you visit an Best Indian restaurant in Wollongong, then you might want to put the image of an ordered food item on social media. But what if you order Idli Sambar since the emojis for this are not available. 

    So in this article, we shall be discussing some of the suggestions which are given by the chefs of the Indian food in Sydney about the new inclusions in the emoticon chart. 

    Do you know? 

    July 17, is celebrated as the emoji dau each year. 

    Let us begin: 


    Indians are usually a huge fan of the ladoos of various types like the besan ladoo, Motichoor ladoo etc. So whenever any occasion sets in like Diwali and Dussehra which is considered incomplete without the sweet dishes and the laddoos, then putting an image on social media requires the incorporation of the laddoo emoticon. But unfortunately, this is not available. But we can surely suggest the app handlers consider taking our advice into account. 

    Idli Sambar 

    Not only the Indians are known for loving this item. The taste of the item is so lovable that it has caught the fancy in foreign countries as well. So a better description of the emotions can be done if we have an available emoji for this dish. 

    We are greedy for emojis 

    Although we have a huge number of emoticon characters which we have not even used till today still we are greedy for more and more. And as far as the food emojis are concerned, then our greed becomes even more intensified and we want the emoji for each food item. 

    Rotis, Puri or the Partha

    For some people, the inclusion of the roti, puri or paratha is part of the staple dietary routine. These are the kinds of flatbreads. This is the main reason that emojipedia has included flatbreads in their newly launched set of emojis. 


    Jalebi is one of the most famous Indian delicacies. This dessert item is considered the gem of Indian cuisine so if this dish is so loved and holds the quintessential importance in the Indian cuisine, then it must be added to the emoji set. 


    Samosa has not only remained an Indian dish. This dish has spread its flavour all over the world. With the vast variety of the follies and the dough variations, this is one of the greatest dishes. But I am sure that soon we shall be able to use this food item as the emoji in our Instagram captions.