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Why Should Everyone Include Indian Ingredients In Their Daily Diet Routine?

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    Indian Food – The Treasure of Health-Boosters 

    As we have always mentioned in our blogs, that Indian food is not only delicious but is quintessentially healthy. Not only the Indian Restaurant Sydney but all the foreigners are recognizing the health content of the different kinds of the food and barbecue of which they have started to somehow include the following ingredients in their daily diet routine:

    • Curd

    Curd nourishes our body with calcium and proteins. One should intake it at least once in the whole day. If one develops the habit of eating curd on a daily basis, then he will experience a required boost in immunity.

    • Leafy vegetables

    Indians have accepted the health value of green vegetables for a long time. And you will be surprised to know that the Indians are so talented that they have found a tasty way to make each of the green vegetables delicious. 

    For example Palak Paneer and Sarson Ka Saag

    • Eggs

    According to the pediatricians, if the children are given one egg for six months then they will never encounter any problem of malnutrition or any kind of growth-related problem. 

    • Pulses

    The Indians have also found many tasty alternatives to make the pulses mouthwatering. You might have heard of Dal Makhni, Dal Bati and Cheela. So who can deny the serving of these tasty dishes? 

    • Rice and flour

    Roti made up of flour is the staple food of the North-West Indian region, while the inclusion of rice in the food daily is observed in the North-Eastern region. 

    • The importance of both these foods is that they help in fighting the issues of constipation and to be precise, they never let it happen. 
    • Paneer

    The Indian population is divided into two kinds of foodies – Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. If we talk about the non-vegetarians, then they derive much of the proteins from the meat but the vegetarians are not behind in this protein league. They have admired the protein content of the cheese. 

    • Spices

    Indian dishes are incomplete without Indian spices. Because of the incorporation of spices in the dishes, the Indians never suffer from gastric issues. The use of black pepper, nutmeg, cumin seeds, carom seeds, turmeric and cardamoms., are known to cut down the unhealthy nature of the food. 

    • Garlic

    The use of garlic in the form of garlic paste is customary in Indian dishes. Because of its medicinal values, many people even eat it raw. 

    • Beans

    Rajma and Rongi are favorites of the Indian kids. The Indian mothers are more than happy in making their kids eat healthy beans in the tastiest way. 

    • Chillies

    Chillies are believed to be an energy infuser component in the food. This is the main reason why Indian food is so spicy. It is spicy because Indians want more and more energy to do their work.