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Which Tips To Follow In The Kitchen To Do Professional-Chef-Like Cooking?

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    There are so many kitchen tips which the Indian follows while making the Best Indian food in Sydney, even the Best Indian Restaurant Wollongong or that in the other regions of the world are recognizing the value of these tips: 

    So let’s begin 


    • Recipe for the softer chapatis 

    Knead the dough with lukewarm water and milk and let it rest for at least 15 minutes. 

    • No rice sticking 

    While boiling the rice, put a half teaspoon of oil in the rice. 

    • Easy peeling of the potatoes and the eggs 

    For the easy and convenient peeling of the potatoes and eggs, put a pinch of salt in them. 

    • Separation of noodles after boiling 

    To avoid the sticking of the noodles, wash them with cold water immediately after you have taken them from the boiling water. 


    • Save chopping time 

    Instead of using the chopped tomatoes, you can put the tomato sauce or puree in the dish. To save time for chopping the garlic, chillies and ginger. Chop them in abundance and make a paste. 

    • Forgot dipping chickpeas in water? 

    It’s not a big deal. Boil the water and soak the chickpeas for about 1 or 1.5 hours. 

    • Saute onions

    Do you find sauteing onions, tomatoes and ginger difficult on flame? Then use the microwave. 


    • Do you cry while chopping the onion? 

    Before chopping the onion, put it in water for about 15 to 20 minutes. 

    • Peeling garlic cloves is difficult 

    Put the cloves in the airtight jar and shake it fiercely for one to two minutes. You will observe most of the skin has come out on its own. 

    • Make perfect mushrooms

    Do your mushrooms become soggy? Then you must be washing them with water. It makes them absorb the water. Rather you should be washing them with a damp cloth. 

    • Grate cheese without letting it stick 

    Before grating the cheese, brush the garter with the oil. 

    • Oil the cup before pouring honey 

    Brush the cup with the oil so that the whole honey comes out at once without getting sticky. 


    • Perfect frying 

    For perfect frying, the oil should be preheated to the required temperature. It should neither be extremely hot nor cold. 

    • Choose the right oil 

    The oil that does not have a strong flavour like canola should be used. 

    • Make less oil absorption 

    To make the free items absorb less oil, put a pinch of salt in the heated oil.

    • Crispy bhaji (Pakoda)

    Adding cornflour to the bajji batter will make the pakoras even crunchier, crispier and tastier. 


    • Increase the shelf life of the fruits 

    To make the fruits fresh for a long period, wrap them in the newspaper and then proceed to the store. 

    • Keep the fish fresh 

    Apply the following on the fish before freezing it: 

    • Turmeric 
    • Lime juice 
    • Salt