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Which are the various misconceptions famous about Indian food?

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    Have you ever visited Crown Indian Cuisine – The Best Indian Restaurant in Wollongong?

    If not, then I insist you visit it at least only once. On ordering even only one dish, you’ll come to know how many misconceptions are associated with Indian food. Do you want to know about them?

    Here are some of the misconceptions about Indian food: 

    1. Indian food makes you fat as it is oily 

    It is one of the ridiculous misconceptions which people believe in. The usage of oil in Indian cuisine is minimal. In case, it is to be used in abundance, then either clarified butter or refined oil is used to make sure health is not compromised at all. 

    Did you know? 

    When such kinds of food are to be cooked at home, then the amount of the oil may vary from merely 2 teaspoons to 6 tablespoons.

    1. Indian food is super spicy 

    First of all, the readers should know that Indian food is preference and taste based. It is not prepared until the chef does not know what kind of taste the customers want to enjoy. In our restaurant, when a customer visits us, we ask him about the level of spices which they want to put in the food.

    1. All Indian dishes are hot 

    When we are referring to the hotness, then it is again one of personal and a very relative preference. There could be some of the Indian dishes which may make use of the larger quantities of the chillies, but the amount of the same can vary as per the proportional likings of the customers.

    1. Indian food should not be eaten daily as it is unhealthy and heavy

    The readers must acquaint themselves with the fact that traditional Indian food is based on the Ayurvedic concept. As per Ayurveda, an Indian meal which has balanced all the five tastes is known as the most healthy kind of food: 

    • Sweet 
    • Sour 
    • Hot 
    • Pungent 
    • Bitter 
    1. Indian food should not be intaken when one is on the diet 

    The people who aren’t aware of the inclusion in Indian food are of the view that Indian food should not be intake when one is on the diet. There are so many healthy inclusions concerning Indian food: 

    • Grains
    • Vegetables 
    • Dairy Products 
    • Fruits
    1. Indian food is prepared unhygienically 

    The preparation of Indian food is not only hygienic but is sacred also. Indians worship the food when they are preparing or before they put that in their mouths. The Indian method of cooking is so hygienic that the vegetables are boiled before putting in the dishes. 

    Bottom Line 

    Have you all gotten answers to the questions which used to have about Indian food? If we missed any of the questions then please inform us about the same via email. We shall publish a carry forward blog that will include the rest of the questions. Stay tuned with us.