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What are the Perfect lunch options at the best Indian restaurant in Wollongong?

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    When hunger strikes and you want to stuff your belly with something delicious and filling, then Indian cuisine becomes the best choice. Indian food offers a large variety of dishes, from veg to non-veg. The intoxicating aromas of the best Indian food in Wollongong, bursting with flavours, captivate the heart and mind. People all around the world are falling in love with the flavourful spices and the creamy texture of the Indian dishes that melt as soon as it is in your mouth. Indian food is a great way to explore the world of flavours while you are bonding with your friends at lunch or just giving yourself a break during office hours. We have compiled a list of a few Indian dishes that can be a perfect lunch option for you to get through the day. 

    Perfect Lunch Options At The Best Indian Restaurant In Wollongong

    For some people, lunchtime is the best time to take a break and relax from work, while for others, it is the same busy day, but they keep snacking on their favourite food as they dedicate their time to work. Here are some of the best options for Indian food lovers based on their tastes, needs, and preferences. The perfect lunch options include:


    There are a number of lip-smacking entrees available for everyone. From meat lovers to seafood seekers, Indian cuisines are able to serve all and fulfil everyone’s wishes based on their tastes. Each dish that you eat is filled with aroma and a blast of flavours that would blow your mind. Those who live for the smoky and bold flavours of dishes cooked in tandoor can go for tandoori chicken tikka, garlic tandoori prawns, seekh kabab, and olive paneer tikka. Whether you are veg or non-veg, Indian food has got something for everyone. There are several other snackables for those who prefer veg but at the same time something crunchy such as a crunchy vegetable samosa or a crispy aloo tikki. 


    For the people who have a job that makes them run around all day but they want a nice meal at lunchtime that fills their belly, then they must go for wraps. It is a really good meal option available at the best Indian Restaurant In Wollongong that will give them some energy to continue the work ahead and also fill their tummy. If you don’t have time to sit and eat, then wraps are the best go-to option. There are a number of options available in wraps that allow you to experience captivating flavours even when you are having a hectic day. These options include freshly baked naans wrapped around chicken tikka, butter chicken, lamb seekh kebab, paneer tikka or mushroom tikka filled with spices and flavourful sauces. 

    For those who want to take their naans to the next level, you can add some cheese to it. This can be done with any wrap, as the plain naan is replaced with a naan filled with cheese. And to add a cherry on top, you choose a delectable dip that would hit the right spot in your mouth, like butter sauce or tandoori sauce. 


    Thali is the perfect option for those people who love to have variety on their plate as they enjoy their lunchtime with the best Indian food in Wollongong. The concept of thali includes several different dishes served on a single plate that can be considered as a complete meal. It can be available for both veg and non-veg, and the number as well as the type of dishes on your plate may be determined by the type of thali you select. A usual veg thali includes a curry-based dish accompanied by creamy dal makhani, rice, naan bread, salad, mixed pickle, and crunchy papad. 

    And for the non-veg all the items on the plate are the same except the veg curry is replaced with a non-veg curry dish. If you wish to have a luxurious thali then there is an option for deluxe thali available that contains several more dishes as well as some desserts. 

    These are some of the perfect lunch options for you at the best Indian restaurant in Wollongong. Whether you want to relax and enjoy your meal time or you want to enjoy your food while working side by side. Indian cuisine has got you covered.