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Pani Puri: A Crunchy And Tangy Delight

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    Crown Indian Cuisine is one of the leading restaurants in Australia. We offer different Indian cuisines and an array of dishes, be it starters, main courses, or desserts. At our restaurant, you can taste the delicious Indian dishes that are prepared authentically and traditionally. One of the most popular Indian snacks or street food is Pani Puri; you can taste this crunchy delight at our restaurant. 

    Pani Puri is a crunchy and tangy dish; it includes ‘pani’ tamarind and mint water and ‘puri’ fried crispy semolina shells. In these shells, a mixture of mashed potato and chickpeas is filled. The salt and spices added to this mixture can be adjusted as per individual preference. Once the semolina shells are stuffed, tamarind and mint water are added. Now, it’s time to eat! Put the entire shell in your mouth and experience the burst of flavours. 

    Pani Puri is sure to give your taste an adventurous ride. It is very delicious and a must-try for everyone, especially those who love spicy and tangy food. Besides this, the spices used in this are healthy and aid digestion. Also, the water from tamarind and mint is good for digestion, is rich in fibre, and promotes gut health. Isn’t it amazing? Tasty food that is healthy is a dream for many food lovers. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Taste these amazing crunchy and tangy delights that offer a burst of flavours and addictive taste. Visit Crown Indian Cuisine today and taste our delicious Pani Puri at just $10.90!