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Indian Appetizers – Kachori, Samosa, Baida Roti, Kebabs and Chicken Tikka

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    The Best Indian Appetizers

    Whenever you want to host the party and want to serve the hand-held party snacks, then you should take Indian cuisine into account. Ordering snacks from an Best Indian Restaurant in Wollongong is the best thing you can do if you are running short of time. 

    Did you know? 

    Crown Indian Cuisine- The best Indian restaurant in Sydney is known for the hygienically prepared, super healthy and best-picked ingredients containing food.

    So let us know the best kinds of party foods: 


    These are the best kind of party foods as these are not only easy to make but the healthiness present in them is a matter of great concern. There are so many kinds of kebabs included in this category: 

    • Beyti Kebab
    • Reshmi Kebabs
    • Burra Kebab.
    • Chakhle’s Shami Kebab.
    • Chapli Kebab.
    • chatpatay coconut kebab.
    • Chelo Kebab.
    • Dill Salmon Kebabs.
    • Doner Kebab.

    Chicken Tikka 

    Chicken Tikka is one of the giantly famous dishes in India which involves: 

    Marinating the chicken in the following: 

    • Special Spices
    • Coriander 
    • Garam Masala 
    • Ginger-Garlic Paste 
    • Yoghurt 
    • Grilling the chicken in the skewers

    Steamed Momos 

    The food heritage of India is very rich. In every direction, there is a diversity of flavours. The steamed Momos is popular in Sikkim. This recipe is the most versatile of its kind. You can choose whether you want to have them in the vegetarian version or the non-vegetarian version. To enjoy these in the exact Sikkimese style, you should have them with tomato chutney. 

    Baida Roti

    This is a dish that does not only have wholesome flavours, but it is wholly nutritious as well. The pieces of the rotis are coated in the eggs. They are then fried and rolled up which results in a mouth-watering dish. The benefit of dining on Indian food is that you also have a choice to choose – Veg or Non-Veg. Here also, you can choose whether you want the stuffing of the minced meat or the roasted vegetables. 


    I don’t think that the popularity of samosas is limited to the Indi only. This crispy, spicy and yummy dish has won the heart of all. The stuffing of the mashed boiled potatoes is done in the samosas wraps which are prepared from the kneaded dough (made of the all-purpose flour). These appetizers make you taste heaven when they are served with tamarind sauce. 

    Vada Pav 

    The potato dumplings, which are also known as patties, are placed in the half-cut buns. The coriander + mint chutney goes very well with it. This dish is specific to Maharashtra (Indian state) but its flavours found it too difficult to remain confined in this state only. 


    This snack belongs to Northern and Central India. The pasty made with flour and ghee is prepared which is stuffed with the mixture of the lentils. When it is deeply fried, it comes out to be khasta which means Crispy. 

    Final Comments! 

    Do you want to know more about such kinds of appetizers? If yes, then please keep on reading our blogs.