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6 Different Types Of Indian Breads That You Must Try

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    experience the deliciousness and richness of Indian food from the best Indian restaurants in Wollongong. If you are an Indian food lover, then you must be aware that Indian food offers a vast variety. 

    You can get numerous options for each type of dish. For instance, if you crave snacks, you can eat Pakoda, Dabeli, Vada pav, Dhokla, Samosa and many more. Similarly, if you crave something sweet, you can eat Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Barfi, Laddoo, and many more. Even in bread, Indian food offers ample options. In this blog, we will discuss different types of Indian breads that you can try. 

    Types of Indian Breads

    Indian food has many options for bread, which you can try from the best Indian restaurant in Wollongong. These options are as follows:

    1. Roti/ Chapati – You can call it chapati or Roti, as both these names are popular. It is one of the most widely used and preferred Indian breads. It is also called tawa roti and is readily available in Indian restaurants. It is made using simple wheat flour and water. Using these ingredients, you can knead a dough, take small portions from it, and flatten it using a rolling pin. 

    You can use a variety of ways to make Roti. You can add multigrain flour, maize/ corn flour, or other flour to make different types of Roti. Besides this, clarified butter, oil, and salt can be added to the flour to knead the dough and soften the Roti.

    1. Paratha – Another type of Indian bread that is very famous, is paratha. It is a popular Indian bread widely consumed in Punjab and other regions of North India, but is also popular in other areas of the country and globally. You can easily find and taste this Indian Food in Wollongong from an Indian restaurant. 

    For making paratha, you need wheat flour; depending on the type of paratha you want to eat, you can make stuffing. For instance, some famous Paratha types are Aloo Paratha, Onion Paratha, Palak Paratha, Methi Paratha, Paneer Paratha and many more. 

    If you are craving an Aloo Paratha, you need to boil potatoes, mash them and add spices of your choice such as red chilli powder, green chillies, salt, black salt, coriander, and garam masala and mix it well. After this, you take a small portion of dough, roll it, add this potato stuffing, and roll it again.Similarly, you can create other stuffing and add the spices and ingredients of your choice. There is no hard and fast rule of making a paratha. So be creative and experiment with all different kinds of flavours.

    1. Naan – Naan is Roti’s fluffy cousin, and people love to eat it in Indian restaurants in Wollongong. Naan is highly popular and loved by almost everyone who enjoys Indian food. It is fluffy and has a pillowy or bread-like texture. It is the best companion for dishes such as Shahi Paneer, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chickpeas, etc. It is an Indian bread that is consumed during a treat. Roti or chapati is used for everyday meals, but if you are dining out or eating at a restaurant, people prefer eating naan.

    Furthermore, naan comes in multiple variations and types. Some of the popular types of naan are garlic naan, butter naan, stuffed naam, etc. So what are you waiting for? Relish in the deliciousness of the Indian food in Wollongong from the best Indian restaurants. 

    1. Kulcha – Kulcha has a similar texture to that of naan, but both of these are different in texture and taste. Kulcha uses ingredients such as baking powder and baking soda, giving it a bread-like appearance and softness. Kulcha can be made in two forms: simple and stuffed. Amritsari Kulcha is one of the most famous dishes originating from Amritsar, a city in Punjab. Kulcha is delicious and highly filling. Kulcha is popularly consumed with chickpeas, paneer, chicken and many other dishes.
    1. Puri – Puri is a mouthwatering, deep-fried Indian bread. While frying puri in oil, it increases in size and its edges get a beautiful golden brown colour. It is generally paired with Chana masala and aloo sabji and is readily available in Indian restaurants in Wollongong. 
    1. Bhatura – Bhatura is similar to puri; it is deep-fried and tastes delicious with Chana masala. Bhatura is made using yeast, all-purpose flour, yoghurt and ghee, which gives it a puffy, crispy yet soft texture. It can be paired with pickled onions and a glass of lassi. Although fried Indian breads are high in calories, they are so delicious that you will always be left wanting more when it comes to eating them. 


     If you love Indian food or if you want to try Indian food, make sure to try these delicious Indian breads the next time you go to the best Indian Food Restaurant in Wollongong. These Indian breads are mouthwatering and highly filling. If you want to go for a healthier option, you can eat chapati. Otherwise, you can delve into parathas, puri, bhatura and more. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy these tasty and filling breads today at the Crown Indian Cuisine.